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Farm Pulp Packaging

Sodaltech manufacturer and exporters of farm pulp packaging products. We offer packaging products such as egg packaging boxes, fruit trays, egg trays etc…

Our machine can manufacture

  • Egg trays with or without lids
  • Fruit trays and pun nets
  • Shrink wrap trays
  • Bio-degradable plant pots
  • Flower baskets
  • Corner protectorsCeiling tiles
  • Bottle packs
  • Disposable containers &
  • A host of other protective options
  • 4 Cup carriers / 2 Cup carriers
  • Molded pulp cup trays
  • Molded pulp cup carriers
  • Pulp moulded Serving trays / Serving bowls
  • Pulp moulded tableware
  • Food plates
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