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About us

The Brand - Sodaltech holds an amazing 96% of the Indian Market for its paper Conversion Machinery. The Company has more than 700 installations to its credit worldwide, with 36.5% of the international market.

The Industry has continued to climb the ladder of success steadily over the past 4 decades. The three sons of the founder have been actively involved in the Company's remarkable success. The eldest Son Mr.K.S.Viswanathan handles the Production Department .The second son Mr.K.S.Subramaniam is responsible for the Marketing while the third son Mr.K.S.Balamurugan takes care of the Administration. Sodaltech has maintained its tempo throughout meeting the challenges thrown out by the rapidly advancing technology, head on. New enhancements are a permanent part of the show based on research and surveys. Rich in experience and always on the lookout for challenge, Sodaltech is a versatile brand which can meet any form of requirement adapting itself to different levels of economy and technology.







pulp moulding machine, pulp moulding machines, pulp moulding machinery

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